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Luxury Lemado 2.0

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Perfect SmartWatch for any Android/Iphone user. Amazing luxury design with an outstanding user interface. Can't go wrong with the luxurious Lemado 2.0. 

If you want a watch that can be your personal assistant, then this is for you! Not only can it tell time, but it can tell you when you have been sitting around for too long ( sedentary reminder) and can monitor your heart rate accurately!  

Do you often forget and leave your phone lying around somewhere? Well the lemado 2.0 can also notify you when you have gone a certain distance from your phone. 

The features of lemado 2.0 are amazing. A pedometer for when you want to exercise and count your steps/calories. Accept calls with one touch of the screen. Receive and send messages to people from Facebook, Whatsapp, and more! A phone book to keep numbers organized. Multiple clock styles to keep you from getting bored. It can't get any better!

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Brand Name: Lemado


- Answer/Dial Calls     - Send/Receive texts      - Calendars      - Alarm Clocks

- Push Message      - Pedometer      - Message Reminder      - Sleep Monitor

- Heart Rate Monitor      - Altitude Meter      - Call Reminder    

 - Sedentary reminder     - Phone book    - Multiple clock styles

- Siri 


- English      - Spanish      - French      - Italian      - Russian      - Portuguese    

- Arabic     - Chinese

Compatibility: Iphones/Android (Works best with Android) 

memory: 128MB+64MB

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Anti-lost ( convenient for finding Watch or phone) 
  • Main Display: 1.3 IPS
  • ROM+RAM: 128MB+64MB
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh
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